How much does defensive driving cost?


In the state of Texas the minimum cost allowed by law for an approved Defensive Driving Course is $25. All courses must charge at least $25 to be approved by the TDLR (formerly TEA).

That is not to say that every course is just $25. Courses may charge more than this, but not less. Additionally, most course providers offer the option to buy a copy of your Type 3A Certified Driving Record (which is required for dismissal with many courts) for varying fees. Additionally, there may be an additional cost to expedite your Certificate of Completion.

The total cost of taking a defensive driving course could be as little as $25, but likely is at least $12.50 more for a copy of your Type 3A Driver Record as well. That brings your total cost to $37.50. In nearly all instances, defensive driving is the most inexpensive option for ticket dismissal.