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TexasDriver.com is a resource to help you understand what these programs offer, what the requirements are, how much they cost, as well as other factors, to help inform your decision.

There was not a single day last year where there was not a traffic death. Not one.

Texas leads the nation in traffic deaths. Over the last 10 years more people have died on roads in Texas than any other state. Looking at 2018 there were 3,639 deaths and 14,908 serious injuries as the direct result of driving accidents.

  • 1 Person dies every 2.5 hours from an accident in Texas.
  • 1 Person is injured every 2 minutes.
  • 1 Crash is reported every 58 seconds.

At DriveTexas our goal is to connect drivers to tools and resources that can help lower that number. The majority of crashes and deaths are avoidable, and equipping Texans with the tools to help avoid becoming a tragic statistic is our priority.

The last day without a deadly accident in Texas was November 7th, 2000. #EndTheStreakTX

For over 22 years there has been at least one deadly crash on Texas roads. In 2020, miles driven were down significantly due to the pandemic the number of fatal accidents actually increased. This implies that Texas roads are inherently dangerous, and that drivers need to take extra precautions when on the road. Every time you get behind the wheel, you need to do so with the knowledge that it could be a life or death activity. This is a harsh reality that typically only feels top of mind after a fender bender or close call.